1902 22’ Femco Water Tower on 1947 REO Chassis (11-18-17 – – 17-49)

Originally a horse drawn Femco water tower which also carried a chemical tank and hose reel, in 1923 the rig was equipped with an American LaFrance type 31 tractor which replaced the front axle. Pittsburgh liked this arrangement so much they purchased two new rigs like it from ALF in 1927. In 1947 the tower frame was placed on a REO chassis and continued in service until 1972, for a total of 70 years of service. It didn’t see much use after 1947 since the REO’s odometer only shows 691 miles and yes, it does work. The cab paint is in good shape, the tower, frame, and 700 series ALF fenders the shop used in the rear, are in primer. The truck runs and drives well. We’ve had the truck for 20 years, always stored indoors. If you were at the national SPAAMFAA summer muster in 2010 you saw it flowing water in Estes Park, Colorado. The two side turrets work well too. The only item missing is the center inlet on the right side, but it has a clapper valve and so does not affect operation. This tower is covered in detail in Bill Hass’ water tower book pages 184-190. I have only seen one other water tower for sale since I bought this one 20 years ago, they are very rare pieces. Equipped with the REO Gold Comet straight 6 engine. $30,000 or reasonable offer.   Email   or 970-481-8162

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