1946 ALF 600 Series Pumper (4-20-19 – – 19-5)

I have own this old friend since 1988.  The truck ran well after I purchased the vehicle providing great enjoyment!  But for the past 20+ years I have only moved my old friend from storage barn to storage barn through towing it.  I need to find a home where someone can restored it and enjoy his ride again.  My truck’s front passenger side tire can be inflated to 50 psi but goes flat overtime.  The vehicle number is L2360.  It has approximately 18,600 original miles, and was in the fire service in Lansing Illinois.  I am offering this vehicle at $3500 OBO.  Thanks for your consideration…..Allan

I had to take off the cab revolving light to clear the doorway of my storage barn.  The cab revolving light can be re-installed with no issues.

Email or  (630) 352-9488

Sale Category: Apparatus.