Antique Japanese Ricksaw type Fire Apparatus (7-3-16 – – 16-36)

Here is your chance to have something no one else has in their collection! Antique Japanese Rickshaw Fire Truck, built in 1935 and used in Bishamon-ku, Minami Shioura-machi Cho, a small city along the Kawasaki River. The city does not exist any longer as it was swallowed up by Tokyo’s growth. The unit is a complete and original hand operated pumper that still operates. All original documentation. Unit was assessed in 2006 at an insurance value of $10,000.00 will sell for $8,000.00 OBO Picture 1 show the unit as it sits today, Picture 2 is the unit when I located it in Tokyo and picture 3 is the sister unit in the Tokyo Fire Museum, Shinjuku Japan. Chance to own HISTORY!!
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Apparatus located in Gig Harbor, WA
Sunny Marshall

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