Need Lower Hood Sections & Battery Compartment Doors and Chrome For 1956 Seagrave 85 Foot Tillered Aerial (6-1-16)

We are currently restoring a Los Angeles Fire Department 1956 Seagrave 85 Foot Tillered Aerial and are in need of the following;
Left and right lower hood sections and bottom filler plates ( see photos). They were removed ( and scrapped) to help keep the 935 Hall Scott running cooler with out having to lift the hood.
Battery box door ( see photos)
Working speedometer and tach ( will either exchange ours for working units or pay to restore ours)
One tiller window hinge ( see photos)
Could also use a new window frame.
Pair of Amber fog lights that match mounting holes in front bumper top. ( see photo) We think they were made by Pioneer.
We are lucky to have the LAFD Historical Socity working with us to get some of the running board equipment but we will need more than what they have to complete this project.
My contact information is below and my cell phone is 213-364-3473. The project is located , as am I , in Los Angeles and we have lots more photos if needed.
David Steinitz IES
F.I.R.E./L.T.D.  LLC
8707 Venice Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA. 90034

Drivers side missing hood.
Passengers side hood and battery box door.
Tiller box window hinge. We have window bracket, just need the lower hing part.
Shot of missing hinge.
What’s left of the tach.
Existing holes for Amber fog lights as seen in full photo of truck in service.

In service photo of rig. We hope to get it back to this level. It runs great now. Just looks tired.


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