1978 Mack CF686 with 50 Foot Telesquirt (5-17-19 – -19-11)

1978 Mack CF686 with 50 Foot Telesquirt

Refurbished in 1993 with new body and upgraded air brakes

Currently still in service with Orange (CT) Vol. Fire Assn. Inc.

Squirt temporarily Disabled

1250 GPM Waters Pump,   500 Gal. Poly Tank

Mack ENDT 676 Diesel,   Allison HT740D Automatic

$12,500.00 OBO

Contact John Knight   Phone  203-843-1979  or email

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1935 Maxim Fire Truck (5-17-19 – -19-10)

For Sale 1935 Maxim Fire Truck in good shape in original paint (flaking) and it has all original equipment except missing a Pike pole. It also has the original first aid box, a generator for the 3 spot lights that come with the truck. The truck has a 6 cylinder Hercules Engine which runs well with two systems, magneto and distributor with a 6 volt positive ground system. There are also 2 original canvas stretchers included. Two sirens are mounted on the fenders, the one on the right works the other on the left fender does not work at this time. The truck has 2 new front tires and a mounted spare tire.

The truck originally came from Pleasantville, N.Y. which is in faded paint on the hood.

I have had the truck for several years and have used it in many parades and have given a lot of rides for kids. We just don’t use it much anymore and figure it’s time to let someone else enjoy it. Asking price is $9500.00  Email or 330-527-2307

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1938? Seagrave Aerial-Sweetheart grill (5-17-19 – 19-7)

For sale is a 1938? Seagrave aerial with the sweetheart grill.  The ladders in the picture do not go with the truck-they were being stored there until we had room in the shop.  We do not know her history, but she is located in Southern California now.  The transmission is still in the truck, but as the pictures show, the engine (small V-12) is missing.  The radiator is sitting on the running board. She does have a small water tank and pump. We’re asking $2500 for her.  Please contact Hewy Wick at 951-767-0757. or Email

Sale Category: Apparatus.

Early 1940’s Seagrave Canopy cab engine (5-17-19 – -19-6)

For Sale is this Ex-Pasadena Fire Department Seagrave engine.  The original transmission and the engine are long gone. Shes been in Southern California her entire life (still there), so  she has very little rust.  Bill of Sale only. $2000 Please contact Hewy Wick at 951-767-0757 or email

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1946 ALF 600 Series Pumper (4-20-19 – – 19-5)

I have own this old friend since 1988.  The truck ran well after I purchased the vehicle providing great enjoyment!  But for the past 20+ years I have only moved my old friend from storage barn to storage barn through towing it.  I need to find a home where someone can restored it and enjoy his ride again.  My truck’s front passenger side tire can be inflated to 50 psi but goes flat overtime.  The vehicle number is L2360.  It has approximately 18,600 original miles, and was in the fire service in Lansing Illinois.  I am offering this vehicle at $3500 OBO.  Thanks for your consideration…..Allan

I had to take off the cab revolving light to clear the doorway of my storage barn.  The cab revolving light can be re-installed with no issues.

Email or  (630) 352-9488

Sale Category: Apparatus.

1983 Duplex E-One (4-20-19 – – 19-4)

For Sale, 1983 Duplex E-One.

Formerly Fairfax County and Sperryville Virginia VFD. Fully Equipped with vintage equipment. Parade ready > with 6 new tires.

$7500.000  Call Dave at  703-501-2061 or email  Located in Madison VA

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This is a followup of several fire apparatus that I have previous posted here.

All here are for sale and will owner will entertain best offers. These apparatus are subject to the elements that may include theft or vandalism and may now need more work than the photos describes. I have not seen these vehicles within 2 years.

  1. 1959 Crown FE. ID #1169 Originally from Angle Lake WA (see photo) Make Offer
  2. 1968 Crown FE ID #1482 Ford Platform Lift Originally from Yreka CA (see photo) Make Offer
  3. 1969 American LaFrance I think originally from Glendale CA (see photo) Make offer
  4. 1970 Seagrave? I think originally from Dorris CA before then who knows. (see photo) Make offer
  5. 3- 1970’s Ford cab over pumpers. Various years. Probably the best prices here.

I will screen calls before giving out the contact information. No texts please. You may have to leave a voice mail.

I do have some information regarding these rigs

Contact Bob Cox @ 842-0282 (area code 530) or email

Sale Category: Apparatus.

1916 Ahrens Fox Model M-S-3 Reg. # 812 (12-26-18 – – 18-40)

1916 Ahrens Fox

Model M-S-3 Reg. # 812

“The Rolls Royce of Fire Trucks”

Originally from Piqua,OH

This 1916 Ahrens Fox is truly a beautiful piece of American History rolling art and its for sale at $125,000.00 or Full and partial trades considered

Please Contact Chris Clyne 702-686-1469 or email

Sale Category: Apparatus.