Wanted: 1946 Chevrolet Pumper (8-18-15)

Our Department is interested in buying a 1946 Chevrolet pumper similar to one we owned when first organized. Our original engine had a Ward La France body, but this is less critical. Ideal engine would be already restored but an un-restored engine in top condition would be considered. Wading River Fire Dept. (631) 929-4340 or Email

Wanted Category: Apparatus.

Wanted–1928 Seagrave pumper (5-17-15)

The Miller Place Fire Dept. Benevolent is looking for a 1928 Seagrave pumper which was the first second hand pumper purchased by the department in 1953. Any info accepted. Photos needed and a brief description. Email

Wanted Category: Apparatus.

American La France, 900 Series, Factory Photographs (1-16-15)

Wanted – American La France, 900 Series, Factory Photographs, The City of Wilmington, Delaware – Bureau of Fire, Ladder Company No.1 a 1969 ALF REG #7-1-1286 delivered 01/26/1969, Ladder Company No. 3 a 1970 ALF REG #12-1-1925 delivered 06/08/1970. Also looking for Talleyville Volunteer Fire Company of New Castle County, Delaware a 1965 ALF 100 foot TDA. Contact: Timothy Wildey email

Wanted Category: Apparatus.
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