Trying to find Our 1939 American La France (3-24-18)

Our department is trying to find our 1939 American La France it was sold to a private collector in the 70s and last seen at an event in Fort McHenry MD in the late 70s early 80s. It’s Reg. No. Is L-1120 Type 550 CC ship Order 1600 Ship Date 6/30/1939 Any help hour information would be greatly appreciated.  Email or 301-748-8937

Wanted Category: Apparatus and Information.

USFS Class C tankers of 1950-60s (3-12-18)

I would like to ask for info on building a USFS Class 3 forest fire tanker, c. 1956-64? I was a summer fire fighter to pay my way through college, and remember fondly driving a ’56 Chevy and ’64 Dodge Class 3 — which was just a 2T flatbed with a slip-on pumper/tool/open crew unit. Sounds hokey, but we were very effective: ‘back in the ‘day, when we actually put out the fires’! I’ve never done a truck or a fire rig before, tho I built my first car model about 1954 with dad, from the Gowland/Revell “Highway Pioneers” series. Wick Humble
Email or  (530) 345-7766

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Wanted info on following pumper trying to find where its at (3-12-18)

Wanted any information on the location of the following pumper a 1941 Ford Oren pumper 500 gpm x new Richmond Ohio, Southern Clermont County.  Serial number of 176.  Last known location we know about was in the Texas area around 1997.

We are trying to locate this pumper to bring it back to New Rchmond as it was our second fire truck and we still have our first one a 1939 Chevrolet Oren

We would like to restore it or bring it back home again permanently

If you know anything about the location of this pumper or own it we would like to personally talk to you.  Hope someone out there can help us out thanks much

Doug Tieman  513-600-0749 or Email

e mail of

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1910 Howe (3-12-18)

As an officer of the Latham Fire Department, AKA (S. W. Pitts Hose Co) I have attached a photo of our first piece of firefighting equipment, which I’m trying to locate. The piece in question is a 1910 Howe combination chemical engine which we purchased new at that time, posed in front of the then station, with many interested residents in attendance.

We believe the 1910 Howe is in a private collection, possibly in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont or in the New England area. Any assistance in locating the whereabouts of this historical piece would be greatly appreciated.

Thanking you in advance for your assistance,

Richard Barlette

Board of Directors

Latham Fire Department

Latham, NY 12110

518-783-7738 or Email

Wanted Category: Information.

Wanted: Quiambaug Volunteer Fire Company of Stonington, Connecticut is seeking the return of the following items or information (3-12-18)

Wanted: Quiambaug Volunteer Fire Company of Stonington, Connecticut is seeking the return of the following items or information regarding the whereabouts as to facilitate their return to the Company.

1. Federal 66G Siren

  1. Maynard Fire Apparatus emblem
  1. Akron 3-port “multiversal” master stream device/ deck gun with stream straightener and stacked tips. (This item was reported to have been sold to an individual in Tennessee and placed on an apparatus that was then sold.)
  1. Cab pillar mounted spotlight.
  1. Misc. Items and fittings including four small “lug” style spanner wrenches with pedestal mounted holder, three 2.5” discharge elbows and caps, and 4.5” barrel strainer.

These items would have come from an individual named Rob Graham. All items were removed from our 1961 International Harvester/ Maynard pumper and are still property of the QVFD.  We would greatly appreciate the return of these items as we are trying to preserve our apparatus as completely as possible. Please contact via cell phone or email with any information you may have. Thank you.

Randy Patterson

Caretaker- “Old T-21”

Quiambaug Volunteer Fire Company

860-625-7713 or Email

Wanted Category: Information.

Wanted: Photos of Western Mack fire dozer transport tractors (1-22-18)

I’m looking for photos and/or whereabouts of Western Mack fire dozer transport semi tractors from the late 60s through the 70s. In particular, I’d like to find photos of Mack RS700Ls (or similar), Mack FS700L coes (or similar) and Superliners. These models were popular in the Los Angeles County area and perhaps also in other western states. Hope to learn if any of these older Mack tractors still exist. I know at least one was retired and sold only about 10 years ago. Does anyone know where these trucks ended up? See photo for an example of what I’m looking for.  Email

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Info on 1941 American La France (12-4-17)

I am looking for information on a 1941 American LaFrance delivered to Spangler Fire Department (PA) on October, 1941. It was traded back to American La France in January, 1960. I would appreciate any information someone may have regarding this truck.  Email  
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Looking for the current owner of a 1924 Seagrave firetruck, Model 6WT, SN 36621 (10-29-17)

The truck was originally in service in Menominee, MI and was restored by my father, Don Herson and Paul Bromund, in the mid 1980’s. It had VOGUE FIRE DEPT on the hood. This truck was auctioned off in 2013 and resold and not sure where it is now. I would like to share the history of this truck with whomever is in possession of it now. Please contact either Valerie Herson at 847-514-3314 or Paul Bromund at 847-513-4862.

Wanted Category: Information.