Info about Seagrave Sign (3-21-15)

I recently found this Seagrave sign at a flea market and I have several questions. I believe it was mounted on the motor. Does anyone have a photo of it mounted on a motor. Also, can anyone tell me the vintage, rarity, and current value? any help is greatly appreciated. Contact: John Northey 707-527-7451 or email


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Albany, NY Steam Engines (1-16-15)

I’m trying to track down the original steam engines used by our fire department – Albany, NY. They were from 1865 and the three were nicknamed The James McQuade, the Putnam, and the Thomas Kearney. Here is some info and picture on The James McQuade. I’m looking for a steam pumper from 1864-65 manufactured by banks and company from Tribes Hill, NY. It was delivered to Albany in 1865 and, as best I can figure out, it was still in Albany as of 1980; though I can’t find it locally any more. Thank you. Tim Blaney Email 


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cylinder (2-19-14)

I do not know what engine or year this cylinder goes on. it has almost a 4 1/2″ bore and has 13019E cast on the top of head. it looks to be in good condition. Email

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Information regarding a 1945 American La France 600 series (11-7-14)

WANTED: Information regarding a 1945 American La France 600 series. This truck was originally from the City of Petersburg, Virginia and I am in need of some technical/ general information on the truck and the 600 series model in general. This truck has a American La France G model V12 motor I have done extensive work on cleaning the motor up but the only road block is is that it will not turn over in a full revolution; it will turn some but not all the way. If anyone has a engine/ 600 series manual or technical experience on the G model motor your help would be appreciated. Also if anyone has any spare parts laying around for a 600 series or G model V12 motor they would come in handy. This is the first restoration I have done and need any help possible; if you have any information please contact Ryan Crispell, Home Phone: (607) 687-2629, Cell Phone: (607) 972-6716 or E-mail

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