2nd gear for 1917 American La France chain drive (2-19-14)

Looking for a 2nd gear out of a transaxle for 1917 vintage American La France chain drive Triple Combination Fire Apparatus. Gear most probably was in earlier and later vintage transaxles too. Picture attached. If you have the right number of teeth I can get the dimensions for you. Warren Lun, Historic No.4 Fire Station, 175 Kendall Street S., Battle Creek, MI 49037. Email: or email   mobile (269) 963-FIRE


Wanted Category: Other Items.

Barton-American UA 50 pump part (2-19-14)

Looking for a Barton-American UA 50 pump part. It is the top part of the pump, the early version that has the one chrome valve handle and 2 2.5 inch discharges. (Later models of this top part had 2 separate valves for the 2 discharges). The part is attached to the main body of the pump via 6 bolts, and comes off rather easily, and is easy to ship. I need the valve to move and operate freely. (I already have one that is rusted shut and inoperable). Please contact me at Email  if you have the part for sale. I can send pictures of exactly what I am looking for.

Wanted Category: Other Items.