Wanted head for a 1933 Sanford Cub (9-19-17)

Wanted head for a 1933 Sanford Cub, Continental engine, 248 cubic inch, twenty-two stud, flathead. Measures approx. 7 7/8 by 25 3/4.  Sanford engine number 20 C . Also looking for original radiator cap.  Contact Hank at Email

Chestertown Fire Department, Chestertown, N.Y. owns this vehicle. It was their first truck when department was formed in 1933. It has been restored and head repaired.  It has cracked again. I am their free go to guy to find parts to keep the truck in new condition.

Wanted Category: Other Items.

Parts Wanted for 1946 Ford Fire Engine (7-1-17)

Help us complete our Fire Engine; need a Glove Box Door and the Instrument Panel, and any service manuals that cover 1946 Ford Model 69T 1 1/2 Ton Trucks with 134” wheelbase.
Contact Rick Black, 541-499-1356
Wanted Category: Other Items.

Continental 6B Parts Wanted (7-1-17)

In need of parts to complete the restoration of my 1926 ALF Cosmopolitan Type 63 with Continental Model 6B 6-cylinder engine. In need of connecting rods, pistons, gaskets, and adjustable tappets with clips for valve assembly. Email

Wanted Category: Other Items.

Oiler Can and Holder (7-1-17)

Looking for Oiler Can and Holder (Champagne Bucket) for 1925 Seagrave. These oil cans were used for oiling various things on the truck, such as the tappets…. The bucket would be mounted to the deck/running board. The oil can would have a long spout with a cap chained at the top. John Morris email or call 407-924-7011

Wanted Category: Other Items.

Small V-12 Engine for 1936 Seagrave (4-12-17)

We are looking for a small V-12 engine for our 1936 Seagrave pumper.  Either need an operable engine or information on someone who can repair the one we have.

Stanton Pratt
Honesdale Fire Museum
Honesdale, PA 18431

Wanted Category: Other Items.