wire type basket that would be mounted on top of a hose bed or chemical tank (7-3-16)

I’m looking for a wire type basket that would be mounted on top of a hose bed or chemical tank for 1 inch booster hose for my 1925 Ford model TT fire engine . I’m also looking for anyone who might have info on a Barton fire pump I think it says T 30 in the casting. That’s all I have found as of now. If anyone has any info on how to mount this pump along with how the shaft would have been installed, that would be great. Thanks Brian 630 834 4156  or Email

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Pump for Steam Fire Engine (7-3-16)

I am looking for a pump for a steam fire engine. I have the boiler and frame but need a pump. Also need a pressure chamber and gauges if you have those. If you happen to have complete steamer that needs work, I’m game for that as well. Please contact Michael McDowell if you have one or have leads. Email  or call  510-703-1101.

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Seagrave V12 parts and info,
I have two 461 seagrave v12s and one 531 v12, I’m looking for parts and info on rebuilding them. Torque, bearing specs etc.. Any info would be greatly appreciated.  Sam Damico  585-232-3717 or Email

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Need Hauler for Rigs (6-1-16)

My living situation is about to change drastically. I am trying to save two rigs by moving them to a friend’s house. Bloomfield NJ to NE suburb of Raleigh NC. 1958 Chevrolet utility truck (pickup front-phone truck on back). 1965 Chev. Suburban ‘carryall’ ambulance. Have dimensions etc. Thank you. email

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1920 Seagrave Suburbanite Clutch Cage or Basket or whatever else you might hear it called (3-27-16)

I have a 1926 Seagraves Suburbanite Model 6B: My truck has the smaller six cylinder gas Continental “Red Seal” industrial type motor.

I desperately need the following item: …  Clutch Cage or Basket or whatever else you might hear it called.

This is the one piece metal cylindrical piece that bolts directly to the rear of the flywheel.  It is hollow and open to the rear.  It is horizontally slotted all the way around its internal surface.  The Brown-Lipe Model 30 Transmission mounts a pack of five very fine toothed metal centrifugal clutches on its front nose gear which spin out and engage in the horizontal slots inside the Clutch cage thereby completing the drive line.

Almost all of the early Suburbanites used the same Continental 6B Red Seal motor, clutch parts and transmission.  If anyone has one of these clutch cages (and/or a clutch pack) they can part with, I would be extremely grateful and will pay a premium, but fair, price for it or for information leading to my purchase of same.

I would also be very grateful for any information pertaining to any early 1920s Suburbanite parts trucks, regardless of where they are located and regardless of what state of completeness or condition they are in.

Thank you, Jim Dent  Email or 859-575-4444



Wanted Category: Other Items.
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