a copy of an O.J. Childs catalog from the 1920 time frame (1-26-16)

WANTED – Does anyone have a copy of an O.J. Childs catalog from the 1920 time frame?????? If so, I would like to purchase a copy of it as I have a 1900’s era chemical engine from this manufacturer and would like to accurately complete the restoration. Any & all help appreciated. Contact Thomas Herman, 10719 River Road, Chesterfield, VA. 23838 804-590-1239 or email

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Buda BA-6 Engines or Parts (12-19-15)

I am looking for any Buda BA-6 engines or engine parts. Any condition. Specifically right now am needing a head and could use a block as well. This is for a 1928 ALF type 91. Please let me know what you have or any that you might know of. Thanks. Chuck Courter 303-618-2937 or Email

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Items to recreate a watch desk (12-19-15)

Our fire district has a 1904 Nott steam fire engine which is operational, and is kept on public display. We want to recreate a watch desk from the period, including the various paraphernalia to go with the desk. I have the punch register and take up reel, and the card file, and an alarm box. Right now we need a daily log book from a steam fire engine company of the period from 1904 – 1925 or so, to display on the desk. Another wish (which I know will be hard to fulfill) is a Gamewell or similar wood case gong. This can be in any condition; I can repair nearly anything, but we are seeking this as a donation since we can’t spend taxpayer funding on these things. Also could use a “tapper” bell for the desk. If anyone is willing to help, if you will contact me I will provide contact information for the battalion chief in charge of this equipment. I believe any donation would be tax deductible. We would appreciate any help in recreating the atmosphere of a firehouse in the steam era.

Thank you!

Ken Lauderback, 16606 SE Gordon St., Milwaukie, OR 97267

Cell 503-936-9827 or Email

Wanted Category: Other Items.
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