Gray and Davis Parts Wanted (12-19-15)

I am looking for 1 set of Gray and Davis Headlight brackets, 9 inches from center to center of forks.

One Gray and Davis Headlight lens measuring 10 1/4 inches across.

One handle for Gray and Davis Spotlight.

Contact; Bill McKee Email or 973-263-0195

Wanted Category: Other Items.

Wanted: Spotlight and pump gauges for 1935 Chevrolet / W.S. Darley fire engine (10-26-15)

Our fire district recently received the donation of one of our original engines, a 1935 W.S. Darley on a 1935 Chevrolet chassis originally in service in Beaverton, Oregon. The pump gauges, which were flange mounted to the left side of the hose body above the pump ports, are missing. The original spotlight is also missing. Any help in locating replacements for these items would be greatly appreciated. We would also be interested in any other parts, accessories, literature or documentation on Darley fire apparatus from this period.

Ken Lauderback  503-936-9827  or Email


Wanted Category: Other Items.

1928 Peter Pirsch parts wanted (10-5-15)

Throttle and spark advance shaft that goes through the steering column and all of the mechanisms to make the throttle and spark advance work that are located at the bottom of the steering gear box. the steering gear box is a Ross size 300. Gary McELroy  (573) 822-2586  Email

Wanted Category: Other Items.

wanted old fire 3/4 hip boots or long coats (9-14-15)

Calling on my brothers in the fire services. I am restoring a 1942 fire truck and looking for some old hip boots and long coats to hang off the side for parades. If anyone knows where I could find these, or if someone is throwing away these I would like to get them. Any help to restore this family project would be grateful. also looking for two brass play pipe nozzles. Call (903) 368-2382 or email

Wanted Category: Other Items.