American LaFrance parts needed (7-26-15)

Are you coming to Syracuse?? If not Syracuse, are you coming to Hershey in October??

I am in need of the following for my current restoration project:

1. Two (2) lengths of American LaFrance factory 2-1/2 inch hard suction hose with the pin connections.

2. Set of American LaFrance factory wooden ground and roof ladder (24-25ft).

I will be in Syracuse and in Hershey. If you have them and are willing to bring them, I’ll take them and give you more room to take something else home.

These items are not being sought for resale, they’re being sought after to complete a restoration of the 1941 Ford / American LaFrance pumper that my father actually started his career in the fire service with. Call (585) 732-9293

Wanted Category: Other Items.