Set of ladders, bell & hubcaps for 1959 Mack B-85 Pumper (9-13-16)

I am restoring a 1959 MACK B-85 PUMPER and in the need of a set of ladders,  either wood or aluminum. About a 12″ roof ladder, and 24″ extension
ladder.  Standard stuff for this pumper. I also need a BELL for this truck. I am hopping  to find the actual bell from this truck, but have not been
successful yet.  Trying to find a complete bell with proper mounting bracket. It does not need to  be perfect, as I am not going for a 100 point restoration at this point. Just  want it to be in somewhat decent shape. That would be better then what I have  now. I also need at least 2 hub caps for this vehicle. I have 2 in decent shape, would like/need two more.

I am in southeastern PA, if you have any of this, I hope you are not on the  west coast! THANKS.

Contact BRUCE in  Reading, PA   610-914-7474

Wanted Category: Other Items.