1935 American LaFrance Ladder Truck Barn Find (8-19-18 – – 18-20)

1935 American LaFrance Ladder Truck Barn Find

The GOOD- –All of the orginal wooden ladders are present and in the bed-There are pike poles, Original hood ornament, radiator and headlight,  hard suction sections, & hoses on the truck- The body is in great condition for its age and shouldn”t be to hard to restore – Brakes work well… all the hard to find stuff is there

The BAD- –The engine is a Lycoming/Auburn V12 engine and appears to be complete as a restoration was started. The manifolds/exhaust are rusted through in spots. Valve cover plates open and the oil pan is off but with the truck -The dash is pulled apart but all of the gauges are present

Tyler Grauer

Captain Union Hook & Ladder Co. #1

Patchogue Fire Department

Mail: 15 Jennings Ave Patchogue, NY 11772

Cell: 631-790-1919

Fax: 631-822-2577


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1966 Mack formerly of St. Augustine Florida (8-19-18 – – 18-14)

It is with deep regret that I am selling some of my antique fire engines. I have come to realize I am not going to be able to restore everything I own. It is for that reason alone I am offering this 1966 Mack formerly of St. Augustine Florida. I am asking $4000. It is located in the Tampa Bay Area.

It has a Thermodyne Diesel engine and ran well when I had it running 1 year ago. It will need a battery as the one in it will not hold a charge. NO issues with the engine whatsoever. This fire truck was originally purchased by the St Augustine Fire Department and later retired to the Fire Academy in Florida. Continual preventive maintenance was done to teach all those training what and how to perform such.

It has a working pump that will need to be water soaked for a period of time to sweat the packings. I had it to a few musters and it pumped well.

I have a CLEAR Florida Title in hand.

I could write a long list concerning this vehicle and I am sure I would miss a question. Therefore, PLEASE ask any and all questions and I will try to respond quickly.

I cannot pay for transportation. However, I will gladly help arrange it and be there to see it is properly taken care of on it’s way to a new home. I have moved many vehicles and have a few suggestions when it gets to that point.

I hope this goes to a loving home who can enjoy a nice Mack.

Kevin Piquet  email or 727-422-4565

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1971 Kalamazoo Fire Truck (8-19-18 – – 18-13)

It is with deep regret that I am selling some of my antique fire engines. I have come to realize I cannot restore all the vehicles I own. It is for that reason alone I am selling a 1971 Kalamazoo Fire Truck. I am asking $2500. It is located in the Tampa Bay area.

It has a great back story to it. It was only used in the GM V-8 plant in Flint Michigan and purchased new by them. I have all of the original documentation that went with it. It does come with some signage that was used during operation. There is no equipment that came with it as they used it internally when I bought it from them.

This was used as a squad truck for spills and small fires to be contained until the fire brigade arrived.

This Kalamazoo fire truck has a 2 cylinder Wisconsin engine. It has a cast iron block and has had little use. It ran 1 year ago but not had the time to start it recently. NO ISSUES !!! No smoke, no knocking no nothing.

It has hard rubber tires on it that are in great shape. The body is in good shape but does need a paint job. Being small this is not a large investment.

I will be happy to answer any and all questions.

I cannot pay for transportation. However, I will gladly help arrange it and be there to see it is properly taken care of on its way to a new home. I have moved many vehicles and have a few suggestions when it gets to that point.

This is a great vehicle that can be stored in the corner of a garage with a small footprint. I guarantee there will not be another one at a local muster and rarely ever at a SPAAMFAA convention. It can be trailered with ease. This always got a lot of eyeballs when I took it to musters.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Sorry to see this little girl go….

Kevin Piquet  email or  727-422-4565

Sale Category: Apparatus.

1990 Ford Crown Victoria Fire Chief Car (8-19-18 – – 18-12)

1990 FORD CROWN VICTORIA CHIEF CAR:  Authentic Fire Chief Car, light baron roof and electronic siren.  I bought it from a retired Fire Chief and it has been used for parades and other events for children.    Police package with the  usual extras.    Cold a/c.     Asking $3,700.   Phone Mike- Home 727-861-2269  Cell- 727-271-4838

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1946 Ford Model 698T Ladder Truck For Sale (8-19-18 – – 18-11)

Nice 1946 truck with original Oak and Metal crank up ladder. 6 volt system, runs from temporary gas tank. No brakes. Condition of pumps, valves and PTOs unknown. Original title comes with truck. We can help load. I have decided to start downsizing and reducing projects. 3 grandkids are a higher priority.

Asking $12,500  email  or 979-229-5962

Sale Category: Apparatus.

1969 Maxim F Model Tiller Tractor (NO TRAILER) $4,250.00 OBO. (8-19-18 – – 18-10)

1969 Maxim F Model Tiller Tractor (NO TRAILER) $4,250.00 OBO.
This Maxim Aerial tractor was extensively refurbished in the early 2000s by RPI (still in business refurbing fire apparatus) and the trailer was converted to a Fire Safety House. Grants, local businesses and other sources were sponsors of this educational program and tens of thousands of dollars was put into the refurb and modifications. The truck never served as an “active” fire response vehicle after the refurb.
In addition to being repainted, all the original steel tread plate running boards and floorboards were removed and replaced with aluminum diamond tread plate. It was repowered with a 6-71 Detroit Diesel Electronic Control engine. RPI also added a new 5 speed manual transmission and a new rear axle. There is less than 5,000 miles on the engine.
During the refurb, the tractor and trailer were separated and a traditional fifth wheel/king pin set-up was installed so the trailer could be disconnected from the tractor for service. The Maxim now has a fifth wheel and is set up to pull a standard semi trailer. RPI also rewired the rig and trailer brakes were added (included are the glad hand air lines and pigtail). A gooseneck ball could easily replace the fifth wheel.
There is a Fire Com system with headsets (we have never used them). There is an AM/FM/Cassette stereo in the cab that also plays through the headsets. It has power steering and air brakes. The interior was redone and is in excellent condition. Light bar with marquee panel in center for messages. It will run down the highway at 70-75 MPH with no problems. There are some areas where paint peeled off when removing decals.
When buying the truck our intentions were like many of you, to use the Maxim as a tow rig. After all, what is cooler than a fire truck pulling a trailer with a fire truck on it? We still think that is a neat idea, but our collecting took a turn and we don’t need this rig anymore. We think it is too nice to just sit.
Please note the pick-up truck toolbox is NOT included in the sale.

Truck is in excellent shape and ready to go. Please call or text Scott (317) 439-8425, email or call or text Jeff (317) 341-4350, email

Sale Category: Apparatus.

50s Maxim Fire Truck (3-24-18 – – 18-9)

Up for sale  50″s Maxim Fire Truck.This is a mid/late 50″s maxim fire truck. It is a ladder truck. I has what appears to be a 6v series detroit engine and automatic transmission. significant other. Take that with a grain of sand obviously. The motor appears to be complete and all of the fluids are topped off. This truck is fairly complete and I don”t really see anything missing. Asking $10,000  Ronskan

Sale Category: Apparatus.
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